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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Famous Festival of Punjab / Animated Happy Lohri / Lohri / Lohri Images / Happy Lohri / Happy Lohri Images

Last year my society donate car to Old age home last year.

Lohri is a big festival for every Punjabi.  Happy Lohri is enjoyed and celebrated in India with different names Pongal in Tamil Nadu,  Ganga Sagar Mela in West Bengal, Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra and Sankrant in Gujarat. Lohri festival is the sign to show that winter is moving back and spring is about to arrive. Newly wedded couples and newborn babies enjoy and celebrate with too much zeal. During Lohri at night, we all get-together and start dancing around the bonfire. We enjoy peanuts,  jaggery, gajak, til and popcorn.

I have a lohri gallery to collect beautiful photos of Lohri celebration, of the harvest season all over India. They dance on dholl…..
Lohri fall a day before Sankranti.

We do pooja doing parikrama of fire putting popcorn and peanuts. After that we distribute Prasad. This festival is a mark of a warm prayer to god AGNI to gain blessings wealth and abundant crops

In my post find the greatest and amazing Lohri images, pictures and greetings. Look around our large set of Lohri photos and decide your preferred one to send. You can Share on Facebook, WhatsApp. Just download, save and share…

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Lohri 2017 date is 13 Jan 2017


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